Why You Must Identify Your Fashion Style

Do you constantly follow the latest fashion trends, only to end up with a closet full of clothes you no longer wear? That's most likely because you haven't identified your fashion style.

Your fashion style is a personal reflection of who you are. It is that distinctive appearance that makes you stand out. Whether you prefer professional, trendy, or baddie, your choice of outfit is a look into your character and who you are as a person. Of course, your dressing style is one way to express yourself.

And do you know the best part about identifying your style and sticking to it? You’ll always feel confident in your outfit and make better buying decisions effortlessly.

The Importance of Identifying Your Fashion Style

  • It Boosts Your Confidence 

It is important to identify your fashion style as it allows you to feel comfortable and confident in every outfit you put on. That's because you gain a sense of freedom to stay true to your unique personality without any pressure to follow trends. You won't find yourself wearing pieces that make you feel awkward (even when you look great) because it's just not your thing. 

  • Helps You Make Better Shopping Decisions

Knowing the kind of clothing that works for you helps you save time and money when shopping. Decision-making becomes faster since you already know what you like and what suits you and it becomes easier to pair items in your wardrobe because they are all of the same style.

  • Saves You Money

Arguably the greatest benefit of identifying and sticking to your fashion style is the cost savings it offers, in that you shop only for clothing pieces you'll love to wear for years to come rather than ones that may captivate you now but only take up valuable space in your wardrobe later.

Common Misconception On Fashion Style

One mistake most people make is thinking that being fashionable requires wearing the most trendy and eye-catching pieces. But it's more about having a unique style that expresses your personality and makes you look and feel good.

So, how do you identify your style? The first step is to know what works for your body shape and color. Then, try out different styles. 

Every clothing piece in your wardrobe that you repeatedly pass over only to pick up another is apparently not your style. Your style encompasses those pieces you find yourself wearing over and over again because you can't help feeling good about yourself whenever you look in the mirror.

You also need to understand that going to Pinterest and browsing models won't always help. For example, an outfit that looks great on a model may not work for you because you have a different body shape and color. So, rather than imitating whatever styles you see, find what works for the unique you. 

Once you have identified your style, get creative with your clothing and accessories. Feel free to explore, but always shop with your style in mind.