Why You Need to Purge Your Wardrobe

At some point, you most likely have realized there were more clothes in your wardrobe than you wear. While some have gotten old and out of fashion, others just don't afford you any joy or satisfaction anymore. So, what do you do? You purge!

What is a Wardrobe Purge?

A closet purge is the act of going through your wardrobe to take inventory of what's in there and getting rid of what doesn't serve you anymore. It's about purging yourself free of irrelevant clothing items to create space for new, relevant ones.

A wardrobe purge doesn't always end with purging out old and now-useless clothes. While taking inventory, you may realize you could do with a Viva Magenta dress, trench coat, or a pair of slingback shoes. So it becomes necessary to go shopping to fill in the space you've created.

All these might seem commonplace and inconsequential. But a wardrobe purge is crucial, especially if you've identified your style and looking to live it out.

Importance of Doing a Wardrobe Purge

A wardrobe purge is important because it allows you to identify what's working for your current style and what's not. If there's a piece of clothing or accessory that you've repeatedly passed up as you reached for another one, it means that the item no longer works for you and needs to be discarded.

Maybe you've always had difficulty figuring out your style, so you followed trends year in and year out. Now there are a ton of outdated, expensive clothes you no longer like. You may have decided to stick to a vintage, sophisticated, or minimalist style. Then, there would be a lot of stock to get rid of.

But that's not all.

A closet purge also presents an opportunity to prepare for the new season. Maybe you're transitioning from summer to autumn and winter, and your last winter clothes have gone rusty or out of fashion. You don't want to be caught offguard as the frosty nights come upon your town.

The most significant benefit of a closet purge is that it can help you identify your style. By checking your inventory, you can discover what style of clothes easily fall out of favor with you and those that you keep wearing years after you bought them. This can lead to less clutter, efficient outfit building, and money savings.

Of course, getting dressed can cause a great deal of stress to most women, especially women like you who have to make a lot of public appearances.

So you spend hundreds of thousands of dollars buying an expensive variety of clothes and following current trends. But you know the problem with doing that? Within six months, you would have no joy wearing those varieties. You'll likely prepare to wear a certain style because that's what suits your aesthetic.

When you discover what suits your aesthetic, you'll get to buy only outfits that are in line with it, rather than wasting money on a wide variety you wouldn't use. Hence, you spend less money as you pay only for clothes you can wear repeatedly and feel confident in every time.