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Online Personal Stylist for Women

Helping you express yourself through your unique style

Welcome to Sadie's House of Style, a platform where you can finally gain the freedom to don a fashion style that reflects who you are. As your online personal stylist, we help you identify your unique style based on your individuality so we can build a wardrobe you can be proud of, that expresses who you are as a person, and that never gets you frustrated whenever you need to gear up for an event.

Whatever your style goals, our online stylist and fashion consultants can help you enhance your professional and personal image.

What We Do

As your fashion style coach, we help you:

  • Identify your personal fashion style
  • Execute a closet purge
  • Find gaps in your wardrobe
  • Create a wardrobe action plan
  • Shop the right outfit for different occasions
  • Build a wardrobe that revolves around your profession, body shape, and style aesthetics

Our mission is to make your clothing selection a breeze—this we achieve by building a wardrobe consisting of outfits you can be comfortable in, as they all align with your fashion identity.

How We Do It

We provide three different style programs to choose from, all conducted online. Each program is designed to meet the specific needs of every fashionista.

Our programs are available in 30, 60, and 90-day online packages. This allows you to choose a suitable time frame for your unique transformation.

Our Customers

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Corporate executives
  • Sales executives
  • Media personalities/Influencers
  • And any woman who prioritizes her beauty and often makes public appearances

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Meet The Founder

Altamese J. Boynton

Altamese Boynton is a personal stylist with a BFA in Fashion Marketing and Management from the Art Institute of Atlanta. Her passion for fashion started at a young age, and she moved to Southern Georgia to pursue her career in 2015. Having battled homelessness, she conquered and has become an independent entrepreneur and single mother of two.

Altamese has been styling clients privately in Florida and the Metro Atlanta area, using her love for God's people to develop and express their character through wardrobe. She has a strong desire to transform her clients' whole persona, building their confidence and self-esteem through fashion.

At Sadie's House of Style, Altamese works tirelessly to ensure your outward appearance matches your inner beauty.



It's simple. We provide our clients with the best wardrobe solutions, tips, and coaching.

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